The couple story

The journey for Couple started in the mid 90’s. We met while studying Graphic Design at Southport college, where our shared love and passion for design was forged.

After graduating, our career paths took on different directions. Karen’s led her to work in a printers, designing artwork and preparing it for print, and Chris began to work for a games company, designing user interfaces for video games. The years passed, until our journey took a new direction when we met again. As the saying goes… the rest is history.

After collaborating on several design projects, we realised that we were a creative couple as well as a married one! We knew our skills complemented and enhanced one another. From then on, we decided to couple together our skills and experience, and forming a design business together was a natural progression. It became clear that our clients were looking to promote their businesses, and needed marketing materials either for print, digital or both together. This is why we provide the full creative service you see today.